1 December 2006 – January 2007

‘Project Placement’ has been a long time in gestation. Barbara Polla, of Analix Forever, started thinking about exhibiting young American talent as far back as 1994. Eventually she turned to curator Joseph del Pesco for help. Del Pesco has united a group of eight artists who all insinuate themselves or their work into the public consciousness.

The only European in the show, Gianni Motti has dogged photographers of various European newspapers since 2000 as part of an ongoing project. Displayed are broadsheets from Italian, Swiss and German newspapers. In each, Motti, attired in a stevedore’s striped T-shirt, can be seen participating in diverse items of headline news – be it an obscure cult or a government think-tank.

Marc Horowitz became a media sensation after placing the random sentence ‘Dinner w/ Marc’ and his telephone number in a living room scene in the Crate and Barrel catalogue. After receiving over 500 telephone calls he embarked upon a tour of the US to meet strangers for dinner – photographing the random people he met and meals he ate. The documentation of Horowitz’s National Dinner Tour consists of a compilation of photos, the catalogue itself and the interviews on television that ensued during his voyage.

New Yorker Zoe Sheehan Saldana’s ‘Shopdropping Wal-Mart Clothes’ (2003-6) series interrupts the shopper’s point-of-purchase experience. Her exquisite work features items of clothing purchased at Wal-Mart with their labels removed next to life-sized photographs of hand-stitched replicas which have been labelled. In turn, these labelled items have been ‘shop dropped’ back onto Wal-Mart shelves to be bought by the unsuspecting public.

Rarely has an exhibition been so well and ironically situated. Analix Forever boasts its own beauty product range. These products inspired artist Conrad Bakker to make crude plaster effigies of the pots of cream alongside his other plastic effigies of ‘Swiss’ products, such as watches and penknives. Some of these he sold prior to the exhibition for ten Swiss Francs per piece to the bemused citizens who frequent the local flea market. The photographs of the flea market sale, as well as a plaster table displaying a similar range of Swiss products sells for significantly more in the gallery. The creams themselves are discreetly placed in the show in a cabinet next to the Martin Creed images that inspired their cream titles, Lights On for daywear, Lights Off for the night (2006). Martin Creed himself is not listed amongst the exhibitors…